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It's Time to Grow

The fundamental responsibility of the CEO is to build enterprise value. To help accomplish this, we combine our financial services experience and a best-in-breed software tool known as CoreValue. On the surface, CoreValue is an elegantly simple tool. Underneath, our complex algorithms, vetted by thousands of businesses, advisors and academics over 30 years, give companies the data and tools necessary to build sustainable, transferable Enterprise Value. The algorithms are based on work started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and proven in the market over 30 years.

How it Works

Our algorithms measure the risk to future revenues presented by the company's current operational processes and procedures and calculate Enterprise Value for the company based on that risk. CoreValue then calculates the increase in Enterprise Value possible if operational performance is improved by lowering risk. Red Flags identity those risks which may prevent the monetization of some, or all, of the company's Enterprise Value, and tasks are suggested to further strengthen performance and value and reduce risk.

What You'll Receive

After you provide basic information about your company, including industry, annual revenue and profit, we ask a series of questions. A tax return is not needed for this exercise, only top line revenue numbers and profit (if you have). This process can be done in person or virtually using Zoom meeting.

  • Phase I: Initial Assessment with Preliminary Report & Benchmark Results: 30 - 60 minutes (See Sample)
  • Phase 2: Deep Dive Analysis: 90 - 180 minutes
  • Phase 3: Executable Growth Plan: 60 - 90 minutes

What You'll Learn

  1. Objective view into your business operations
  2. Executable information will provide direction
  3. Clear picture of Opportunities & Improvement Areas
  4. Opportunities defined in dollars
  5. Priority areas and red flag areas

To learn more and to get started, please contact Jack via telephone (704) 451-3921 or email. To visit Jack's Calendly Page to schedule a call visit

Sample: 2018 CoreValue - XYZ Company Operational Report