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Tax Planning | Efficiency Analysis

  • 2019 Tax Efficiency Readiness
  • Tax Rate Awareness
  • Tax Asset Class Considerations
  • Life Event Considerations
  • Personal Financial Report Card
  • Income Tax Return Preparation

Personal Financial Planning*

  • Retirement
  • Education
  • Cash Flow / Budget / Net Worth
  • Investment Planning & Execution

Why do I need this?

These services may or may not be what you need.. The best way to find out is to begin with a conversation. Nothing happens by accident. Intentional mindset and strategic direction will provide you with a focus to help make informed & evidenced based decisions. These core elements should act as your compass when making future financial decisions.

Why would I use Jack Heil?

Your financial future can be entrusted to any number of professionals. Some have extensive experience, some have ample certifications, and some have the ability to truly understand your unique needs. I strive for all three, and it's important to me that you are always heard and understood. I'll make sure you are empowered & feel comfortable with your financial decisions, because peace of mind is an important goal in the process.

Why can't this wait?

Obviously, it's never too early to begin personal financial planning. But this year there are breakneck changes in the tax code that can influence a wide range of opportunities and decisions. What may have been sound advice in the past could now be considered irrelevant or even detrimental to your financial future if you don't have a full understanding of the consequences of your decisions. I'd like to be the guy to help you sort it all out. It's much easier to do this during the fiscal year in real time than to attempt to take actions once the tax year concludes.

*These services are offered by Jack Heil through his affiliation with Lombard Securities Incorporated member FINRA | MSRB | SIPC.