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Your financial values are likely derived from factual data and documents including tax returns, account statements, and other supporting documents. A concise overview allows for clear decision making in advance of major life decisions, including retirement and social security benefits, blind spot awareness, and maintaining control of your overall financial strategy in a proactive manner. My guidance in this area is instrumental during this important period.


You likely demand open and frank communication. I deliver. It’s not just a fiduciary duty, it's a lifelong “tell it like it is and call it as I see it” philosophy that helps keep clients like you moving forward. I aspire to communicate thoughtfully and respectfully. Three decades of tax and accounting planning using data and number crunching goes a long way to separate fact from fiction in your financial affairs.


Even your best laid plans can go to hell in a handbasket when situations develop out of nowhere and throw your family and or business off course. I get it. I’ll be there, not only in crisis situations, but in everyday business. You’ll get answers to tough questions or help in dealing with delicate matters including death, litigation, and unexpected events. My support is delivered in-person and virtually, using web-based meeting software. It’s what’s important to you - which is why it’s important to me.